Should You Switch From Oil to Gas: 6 Reasons Why

should i switch from oil to gas

Deciding what kind of unit you want to heat your home during the winter can be daunting if you’re unsure about the differences between heaters. Two of the most popular options are oil and gas. While both do a commendable job, there are differences between them. 

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Here is some more information to answer your question, “should I switch from oil to gas?”

Some of the same people who ask, “should I switch from oil to gas?” also ask about how they can lower their gas heating cost. Here are some tips to reduce gas bills in New Jersey. 

Benefits of Switching From Oil to Gas

A notable thing to remember is that most homeowners use natural gas already. However, it all depends on where you live in the country. In New Jersey, many homeowners use oil as a heating source due to the state’s proximity to oil fields. 

However, oil, in many ways, is outdated. In the past, it was the number one method people used to heat their homes. Today, there are more heating methods available, including electricity and propane. 

When you have an oil-fueled home, a truck delivers your oil regularly. With a gas-heated home, a home services company will run a pipe from your home to the gas main, eliminating the need for delivery. Thus, if you do not have a gas main located under your street, you cannot opt for a gas-powered home. 

However, most Jersey neighborhoods will have gas accessibility. If yours does not, it may be possible to have a utility company install a gas main for you and your neighbors. 

There are a couple of options you can select from regarding your gas heating equipment. Basic furnaces and boilers hover around the $2,000 mark, while more efficient systems cost upwards of $5,000+. Switching from oil to gas comes with plenty of advantages. 

Lower Cost

Perhaps the best benefit of switching from oil to gas is the lower costs. With gas-powered equipment, expect to pay over 50% less than you would for an oil tank. Gas is also less expensive than electric heating systems — we aim to use high-efficiency HVAC systems to lower your monthly utility bills. 


One of the perks of gas heating is its reliability. In the event of a power outage, a gas heater will still keep your home warm. Also, there is no waiting around for an oil delivery truck, and you will never run out of gas to heat your home. 


With a gas heater, you can expect a longer lifespan than electrical HVAC systems. Typically, a gas-powered heating system will last your home or business approximately two decades. 

Environmentally Friendly

Gas heaters are more friendly to the environment. Experts estimate that an average household uses 90% of the gas that enters their home via a pipe. That is much more efficient than any other form of home heating. 

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel energy source. A gas-powered home does not emit a lot of greenhouse gases or carbon. 

Less Floating Residue

With other heating systems, there is an increased risk of harmful pollutants floating through the air in your home. HVAC systems can accumulate and spread dust and other debris harmful to you and your family’s health. These pollutants attack the respiratory system and are dangerous to those with asthma or severe allergies. 

Warmer Air 

Lastly, with a gas-powered heating system, there will be more warm air circulating your home. The average temperature of the gas that passes through your floor pipes is around 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and warm air rises. Thus, a gas system is ideal for heating your house, as contractors place the pipes beneath your floorboards.

Gas Installation Process 

There are two stages to the gas installation process. First, a utility company will have to run an underground pipe that stretches from the gas main to your home. 

They will install a meter on the outside of your house. This process is labor-intensive, as contractors will have to do a lot of digging from the street to your home. 

You can expect to spend upwards of $1,500 on this process. However, the utility company may spare you this expense to ensure your business. 

The second part of the gas installation process requires the assistance of a professional contractor like Davis Home Services. We will connect your gas pipe from your gas meter to your heating plant.

Should I Switch From Oil to Gas? 

Overall, the gas market is hard to predict. Recent prices would suggest that investing in a gas-powered heating system is a wise idea in the long run. However, prices fluctuate due to yearly demand. 

Still, experts consider gas prices more stable than oil as we mine most of our gas domestically. 

Whether switching from oil to gas is practical for you depends on your unique circumstances. It is hard for some houses to switch to a gas-powered heating system. We recommend calling us to see what kind of incentives we can offer you. 

Schedule an Installation Today 

Another vital thing you must remember is if you have a chimney, you may need to install a lining before switching to a gas furnace. Gas can ruin your chimney’s masonry. 

However, today’s gas-powered HVAC systems are highly efficient, making the need for a chimney lining obsolete for many. Also, if you decide to get rid of your oil tank, you can expect to pay upwards of $800 or $3,000 if you bury it. 

We hope we answered your question of, “should I switch from oil to gas?” Our oil to gas conversion service in Burlington is second to none, thanks to our world-class team of HVAC contractors. 

Davis Home Services’ Burlington, New Jersey office is happy to take your call at any time at 844-226-9872. Our expert technicians will run you through our installation process and answer all your questions on converting from oil to gas heating. 

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