8 Signs That You Need a Heating Oil Tank Replacement

heating oil tank replacement

Unfortunately, just like every other home appliance, oil tanks eventually break down. Heating oil tanks are crucial to keep your home warm during the winter, but many homeowners don’t know how to recognize the signs that their tanks need replacement. An old, leaky, or broken oil tank is not only expensive to repair but can lead to dangerous oil leaks.

Luckily, Davis Home Services is here to make heating oil tank replacement as easy as possible.

8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank

Our heating tank experts put together these top eight signs that it’s time to call for oil tank replacement.

1. Oil Tank Rust

Getting a visual inspection for above-ground tanks is essential to ensure that rust spots are not forming on your tank. Typically, a rust spot indicates a weakness on the shell of the tank.

Rust may develop inside the tank itself, which is difficult to spot. Calling a professional for regular oil tank maintenance can catch these issues early before they lead to disastrous leaks.

2. Uneven Legs

An oil spill can be detrimental to your health, your wallet, and the environment. Part of what can cause this leak is a tank overbalancing on uneven legs and spilling.

Moreover, uneven legs can cause malfunctions within the tank. A number of factors can lead to unevenness, but some of the most common that we see are

  • Substandard materials
  • Poor installation
  • Soil shifting

3. Oil Leaks

Seeing any sort of leakage from your storage tank could be a sign of a major leak and represent another reason to contact the Davis Home Services team immediately. Routinely check the bottom of your tank and the surrounding ground to quickly identify leaks and save you hassle down the road. Even small leaks can prove to be dangerous over time.

4. Unusually Fast Consumption

Anyone who has been using an oil heating system for a while is usually familiar with their typical consumption rates. If you begin to notice you’re going through oil faster than normal, there could be an issue with your tank.

A number of issues can cause your tank to burn so much oil, and none of them is particularly positive. Things such as a worn-out furnace or a leak could yield this result. Any time your numbers appear to be skewed, it is strongly recommended to reach out to a Davis Home Security professional for advice.

5. Clogged Pipes

It is not uncommon at all that a routine clog can be the source of inefficiency in an oil heating tank. Anything from basic debris to sludge to bugs can cause a clog. Calling in a professional to routinely clean them out can help avoid this situation. Rather than letting this get out of hand or trying to clean it on your own, contact a professional with tools designed to clean oil heating tanks safely.

6. Tank Being Exposed To Nature

While it is impossible to protect from everything, keeping the tank out of the rain, snow, hail, etc., can prolong its lifespan. Constant precipitation could lead to rust or internal damage. Making sure that your oil heating tank is as protected as possible is essential to making it last.

In the winter months especially, it is important to take extra caution to keep everything running smoothly. Click here for extra tips to prepare your HVAC systems for winter from the experts at Davis Home Services.

7. Fuel Line Cracking

Cracked fuel lines are another sign of damage that could lead to crippling oil leaks. Fuel lines typically run from the tank to the furnace and can crack relatively frequently. Neglecting these cracks for long enough could spell doom for your heating and oil tank. It’s essential that you contact one of our professionals for routine check-ups on your fuel lines to make sure this does not get out of hand.

8. Old Age

Even a well-maintained oil tank won’t last forever. Typically, with good care, you can expect your tank to make it 10 to 15 years. Around this age, you’ll start to notice some of the issues listed above.

Rather than sinking money and putting a bandaid on your tank, we strongly recommend that you consider full heating oil tank replacement. Replacement is a safer and often cheaper option than letting the issues drag on.

Don’t Put Off Your Heating Oil Tank Replacement

Waiting too long to replace a heating oil tank can be expensive and dangerous. It is imperative that you call a professional to discuss repair or replacement as soon as an oil tank begins to show signs of breaking down.

Constantly repairing a faulty oil tank can actually end up costing you more than replacement in the long run. Common risks associated with putting off replacement include:

  • Loss of heating efficiency in winter months
  • Equipment malfunctions leading to increased repairs
  • Erosion of the burner

Aside from producing hazardous waste, oil leaks cost $10,000 on average to clean up.

As a company specializing in residential oil tanks, Davis Home Services is always a phone call away to diagnose your needs. Call Davis Home Services at 844-226-9872 today for an evaluation!

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