Plumbing Installation in Greater Philadelphia, Burlington, and Camden County, NJ

When you’re experiencing a problem with the home pipes and need a professional plumbing installation, Davis Home Services is here to help. We are experienced contractors in Camden County, NJ, Greater Philadelphia Area, and Burlington County, NJ. We invite you to explore our site so you know who to call when you need exceptional installation plumbing services.

Plumbing Installations, Repairs, and Maintenance

Our range of installation work is extensive and includes the following:

As a plumbing installation company, we provide full installation, plumbing repair, and maintenance services throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, Camden County, and NJ Burlington County, NJ.

Here are some of the repairs and maintenance services that we offer:

  • Fixing appliances, fixtures, systems, and lines
  • Unblocking drains
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Upgrades
  • Replacements


We are plumbing contractors that focus on repiping as a plumbing installation service. We provide this repiping service for residential and commercial purposes.

This service focuses on upgrading, updating, or replacing worn pipes for a gas or water line installation. You may need to replace a section of a pipe that has become damaged or corroded.

Alternatively, you may need new pipelines to accommodate upgraded appliances, systems, or demands. New lines may be necessary for safety or efficiency purposes. Either way, you’ll want new pipes to match new devices to support their longevity and efficiency.

Sump Pump Installation

If you don’t already have a sump pump in your home’s basement or crawl space, it might be time to install one. Sump pump installation is vital to pump water away from the home’s foundation to protect its structure. Without one, you could be facing severe damage to the house’s walls, floors, and foundational structure.

As plumbing installers in the region, we can quickly take care of a sump pump installation on your behalf. When you make an appointment, we will assess the situation, identify a location for the sump pump and dig the pit. After that, we will fit the basin and take care of the sump pump installation.

Water Heater Installation

Another part of our daily work as a plumbing installation company is to install new water heaters. We take care of all the requirements for a water heater installation from the location to a new water line, pipe installation & much more if necessary.

Our planning will always consider our customers’ location, budget, and gas, solar, electricity, or tankless water heater installation needs.

If we don’t need to install a new system, we will advise you about upgrades or repairs to the existing water heater installation.

Gas Line Installation

A plumbing appliance installation, such as a new water heater, may need a new gas line installation. It all depends on what type of appliance you want to be installed, your energy choices, and possibilities where you live in NJ Burlington County, NJ, the Greater Philadelphia Area, or Camden County.

Similarly, depending on the condition of your pipes, you may need a new water line installation to match the efficiency of your new plumbing installation. Whatever your situation, you need professional plumbing contractors to do the job. This is the only way to ensure your safety, as gas installations are dangerous in the hands of unlicensed individuals.

Sewer Line Installation

Plumbing installers also take care of sewer line installations. Although a sewer line installation is mostly an official project, it may involve working in residential areas. Otherwise, new developments must have a new sewer line installation before the contractor can begin work.

An experienced plumbing installation company is necessary to plan such a system. It is also essential for the plumbing installation contractors to connect it to the municipal sewer system and ensure that it meets all functional and safety standards for people and the environment.

Water Filtration System Installation

Besides all the other plumbing installation work, we also guide our customers on products and processes of water filtration system installation. This process is vital to choosing the perfect water filtration system for your home or business. These include UV purification, reverse osmosis, activated carbon, and others. After that, we take care of the plumbing appliance installation work.

Plumbing Installation Service

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