Plumbing Services in Philadelphia County, PA

Plumbing professionals can take care of water leaks, leaky faucets, clogged drains, broken pipes, sewer repairs, water heater issues, and much more. At Davis Home Services, we provide a wide range of plumbing services, covering installation, repairs, and maintenance. Whether you need drain cleaning or bathroom plumbing repair, our plumbing company can help.

We’re your trusted plumber in Philadelphia with experienced plumbing contractors ready to take on any project. Need a new water heater installation? Our plumbers are up to the task. Dealing with a foul smell or unusual noises from your sewer lines? We have a plumbing service for that, too.

Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia County, PA

Plumbing systems feature pipes and faucets that are prone to breakdowns. Drains may get clogged, pipes may break, and toilets may flow back. If you own a home, office, or property, you’ll need a plumbing repair service at some point.

Davis Home Services offers comprehensive plumbing repair for your entire plumbing infrastructure. We can handle all residential plumbing repairs. Our services include bathroom plumbing repair, such as clogged toilet repair. We also provide kitchen plumbing repair services, including leaky pipe repair and pipe repair services. You can hire us for any plumbing issue, from water heater breakdowns to broken pipes and gas line services. Our plumbing repair contractors are trained to fix different plumbing issues and systems installed in Philadelphia homes and buildings. We’re the plumbing repair company that calls for professional services and only leaves when the problem is properly fixed.

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Plumbing Installation in Philadelphia County, PA

Davis Home Services can handle various plumbing installations for residential homes in the Philadelphia area. Our plumbing installers are experienced in water line installation, new toilet installation, new shower installation, new sink installation, and more.

Whether you need plumbing appliance installation, sink replacement services, toilet replacement services, or shower replacement services, our experienced plumbers are up to the task. We’re the team to call when you’re looking for a reputable plumbing installation company.

Our plumbing installation contractors can install new sump pumps, water heaters, gas lines, sewer lines, water filtrations, systems, and more. If you need a plumbing installation service in Philadelphia County, PA, call Davis Home Services. We’re available all year round, including the coldest winters and hottest summers. Our team can also help you pick quality products for your new installation,upgrade or a bathroom remodeling done in a day!

Repiping in Philadelphia County, PA

Your plumbing system features several feet of pipework. Some of these pipes may break, especially if your system is old. Our Philadelphia repiping contractors offer a wide range of plumbing repiping services. Whether you want to replace a single broken pipe or complete whole-house repiping, we’re just a phone call away.

Davis Home Services offers professional residential repiping covering all pipes used in your home’s plumbing system. We can handle all repiping for gas lines, sewer lines, water filtration systems, bathroom remodeling, and more. Simply call our office for a repiping quote or speak to our plumbers to learn more about repiping a home. We’re a licensed and insured repiping company with experienced professionals ready to provide whole home repiping services in Philadelphia.

Sewer and Gas Line Services in Philadelphia County, PA

You may need gas line installation for a new plumbing appliance like a gas water heater. Such installations may also need a new water line.

Davis Home Services is your trusted partner when looking for gas line contractors. We’re a licensed gas line company with a comprehensive range of gas line services and experienced gas line professionals. Whether you need gas line leak detection, gas line inspection services, or gas line maintenance, our team isn’t far away. We provide professional gas line repair services, including gas line leak repair. Davis Home Services also offers sewer line services, including sewer line installation, sewer line repair, and sewer line maintenance. Our sewer line professionals can help with sewer line leak detection, sewer line leak repair, and other sewer line inspection services.

We have experienced sewer line contractors ready to work in residential areas and new developments. Our sewer line company can handle new sewer line installation and all kinds of repairs for existing systems.

Sump Pump Services in Philadelphia County, PA

Every home with a basement or crawl space requires a sump pump to guide water away from the foundation, walls, and other structures. Davis Home Services provides extensive sump pump services, from installation to repair and maintenance.

Whether you need a new installation or a sump pump replacement, our team can help. We’re the professional plumbers to call when you need licensed sump pump contractors in Philadelphia. Our sump pump company can help you avoid flooding, water damage, and mold growth that plague homes without functional sump pumps. Simply contact our sump pump installers today to identify the ideal location and dig a pit for your new sump pump. We also offer sump pump repair services to restore the performance of your existing system.

Water Heater Services in Philadelphia County, PA

Water heaters require professional services to function correctly. Davis Home Services offers comprehensive water heater services, including water heater installation for new buildings, and water heater replacement for old systems and upgrades.

We also provide water heater repair services. If your system produces strange noises or consumes more energy than before, contact our team for an inspection. We can complete routine water heater maintenance to keep your system efficient throughout the year.

Our water heater contractors can also take care of various issues, from strange hot water color to foul odors, corrosion, and other problems. We’re a licensed water heater company with experienced water heater installers who are knowledgeable about systems in Philadelphia County, PA, and surrounding areas.

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