Why Is My AC So Loud? Troubleshooting Guide

why is my ac so loudRunning your cooling system in the summer is difficult if your AC unit is especially noisy. Unusual sounds often indicate a problem with your air conditioner. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my AC so loud?” you should contact a trustworthy Burlington AC service.

Davis Home Services understands the inconvenience and stress a loud AC unit creates. Our team has over 15 years of experience providing effective AC assistance. No matter your HVAC or plumbing needs, we meet them with professional, high-quality services.

Here we provide all you need to know about why your AC unit is loud.

Common AC Sounds

Modern air conditioning systems make very little noise. Once you notice your unit getting loud, it’s hard to ignore. However, you shouldn’t disregard unusual noises your AC makes, as they may indicate a severe problem.

Some loud sounds result from a minor issue, while others signify a major problem. It’s best to contact an HVAC repair company when you notice your AC getting louder or making strange noises. Otherwise, you risk costly repairs or a total replacement.


Banging noises typically indicate an internal component is loose or detached. Loose connections are possible after years of frequent use and corrosion wear of metal pieces. 

Due to an AC unit’s constant vibrations, banging may not be as serious as it sounds. You’ll need a professional to inspect the problem. Depending on the part that is broken and other factors, your unit may need a quick fix or a complete replacement.


Homeowners wondering, “Why is my AC so loud?” will be relieved to know that rattling is not always as serious as it sounds. While it might indicate a minor electrical issue, rattling also happens with loose parts and obstructions. Rattling occurs when leaves get in the outside unit or moving parts loosen.

To resolve the rattling yourself, check your air conditioning system for loose parts and connectors. If the rattling persists after tightening everything, contact the pros.


After years of consistent use, an HVAC system’s motors become less efficient. When the blower motor starts to malfunction, you may hear a squealing sound. The blower’s wheels or casing may also squeal from damage.

While most air conditioning units are silent, squealing might be normal for your unit. Use your best judgment to determine whether the sound is out of the ordinary.


A buzzing noise could indicate many different problems. Minor issues range from loose components vibrating against the unit’s housing or a clogged air filter decreasing airflow. Leaves and sticks get into condenser coils to create a buzzing and rattling noise.

When loud noises and temperature control issues occur together, this indicates a far more serious problem. Concerns range from refrigerant leaks to imbalanced fan blades.

Making Your AC Quieter

If you think, “Why is my AC so loud?” after technicians make repairs or discover nothing is wrong with your unit, you’re not out of luck. There are ways to make your AC quieter without damaging your property’s appearance. Consider the following sound-dampening techniques.

Try a Sound Blanket

A sound blanket goes over your outdoor unit and muffles the sound without reducing airflow. A sound blanket will keep debris out of the condenser’s interior, reducing fan blade problems and preventing buzzing noises.

Install a Sound-Dampening Fence 

Installing a sound-dampening fence prevents passersby from seeing your bulky HVAC unit while lessening some of the noise. An overlapping fence design is most effective. If your unit has several feet of clearance around it, a sound-dampening fence will still allow adequate airflow.

Use Plants and Shrubs 

Nature proves an effective opponent against an air conditioner’s loud motor. Many homeowners block their AC from view with plants and shrubs. Thick foliage reduces motor noises while providing an aesthetic bonus.

Be sure to plant shrubs with ample space between them and your unit. Leaves and other natural debris can get inside the unit and make it even louder. Pruning shrubbery will help prevent this.

Noise-Reducing Curtains

If your outdoor air conditioning unit is near your bedroom window, you may wonder, “Why is my AC so loud even when I’m inside?” Consider installing noise-blocking curtains or another fabric sound barrier. You’ll get a better night’s sleep and stay cool.

Causes of a Loud Air Conditioner

The causes of a loud air conditioner vary, but the main culprits are old age, a unit that is too big, or a lack of maintenance resulting in a dirty system. By knowing the causes, you can prevent loud noises.

Old Age

Your air conditioner will last an average of 15 years without regular maintenance and 20 years with it. Frequent loud noises may indicate it’s time for a replacement, so don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection.

An Improperly Sized Unit

If your unit has been too loud since day one, it is likely too big for your property. With an oversized air conditioning system, you might also suffer from inefficient cooling. You may need a smaller model installed.

Dirt and Debris

If you don’t get or perform routine maintenance, your unit is probably dirty. Natural debris like leaves gets into the outdoor unit, damaging the condenser fins and creating noise. Power off and hose your condenser down each year to remove dirt.

Get AC Repair Services Today

We hope this answers your question, “Why is my AC so loud?” With so many components and contributing factors, pinpointing the source of your air conditioner’s loud noises can be difficult. Your best option is to ask the professionals at Davis Home Services in Burlington, NJ. 

With years of experience repairing HVAC systems of all kinds, we can make your unit run like new again. In addition to air conditioning repairs, choose us for everything from furnace installations to heat pump maintenance.

If you’re sick of your loud AC, get HVAC and plumbing services by Davis Home Services. Contact us for friendly customer service and get answers to all your questions. Call us today at 844-226-9872.

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