When to Buy a New Furnace: Top 6 Signs

when to buy a new furnace

Are you wondering when to buy a new furnace? Purchasing a new heating system represents a tough decision for many homeowners. Furnaces cost a lot of money, and many property owners feel unsure if they should repair their existing system or take the plunge on a new model.

Consider the top 6 indications that it’s time for your family to consider a new furnace with our team at Davis Home Services. Allow us to review your current heating situation when you call us at 844-226-9872.

Sign #1: Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up

We recommend pulling out your energy bills as you consider when to buy a new furnace. Look at the costs over time and determine if they’ve been steadily rising for no obvious reasons. If you notice an upward trend, it may be time to replace your furnace.

Furnaces become less effective as they age and wear out. Eventually, it takes them longer and longer to heat your home, leading to steadily increasing expenses, even if the furnace never breaks down.

Updating your furnace may immediately reduce your energy expenses as the new system effectively heats your home. Manufacturers design modern heating systems with a focus on efficiency, which may drop your costs even further. 

Check out the ENERGY STAR ratings and efficiency units of any new furnace you consider purchasing before you make a decision. 

Sign #2: Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Degrades

Your IAQ deals with the relative number of contaminants in the air you breathe in your home. A properly functioning furnace should help you maintain a stable IAQ, especially if you change your air filters regularly.

However, electric and gas furnaces often lose the ability to maintain stable air quality as they age. You may mitigate this issue by setting up an air purifier or a humidifier. These stop-gap measures help extend the life of your furnace. 

Sign #3: The Furnace Makes Strange Sounds or Emits Odd Odors

Furnaces last for two decades in ideal circumstances. This lifespan gives you plenty of time to get used to the way the system should sound. Changes to the sounds your furnace makes can help you determine when to buy a new furnace.

The experts recommend that you pay special attention to your furnace if it starts making:

●      Grinding sounds

●      Squeaking noises

●      Banging or clanging sounds

Homeowners should also pay attention to strange smells. Burning odors are a major cause for concern when it comes to heating systems, but you also want to reach out to a furnace repair team if you notice the smell of rotten eggs if you have a gas furnace.

Paying attention to small changes in your heating systems allows you to decide when it is time to consider a new furnace for your family. 

Sign #4: You Frequently Feel Cold in Your Home

Homeowners rely on their heating systems to stay warm throughout the year. Over the long run, furnaces eventually begin heating ineffectively. You may notice that the furnace:

●      Struggles to raise the temperature in your home

●      Heats your property unevenly 

●      Turns off before warming your house

In some cases, furnace repair specialists address these concerns, fixing your furnace and bringing it back into excellent condition. However, if you have an older model furnace, you may want to consider updating the system to prevent future problems. 

Sign #5: Your Furnace Has Lots of Candles on the Birthday Cake

Age isn’t everything, but it does factor into decisions about purchasing a new furnace. Most furnaces only last for around 15-20 years. After this point, they begin wearing out, experience more breakdowns and have difficulty heating your property. 

Sometimes, it comes down to a decision about whether to spend a lot of money repairing an old furnace or buy a new model. If you have an older furnace, that may influence the decision that you make for your family. 

Sign #6: You Experience More Frequent Furnace Breakdowns

Every furnace breaks down eventually. As your furnace ages, it may experience more frequent issues that leave you without heat. Learn what to do when your furnace isn’t working by contacting our team at Davis Home Services.

Our skilled technicians offer affordable and fast furnace repairs to keep your heating system working correctly. We understand the ins and outs of gas, propane, and electric furnaces and can discuss the condition of your heating unit to help you feel informed when you are considering buying a new model.

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Furnace

Have you decided it’s time to get a new furnace? If so, there are a few factors to keep in mind about the timing of your purchase. In general, the experts recommend you wait until spring or fall to buy a furnace as this can help you save money.

Companies often offer lower prices on heating units in the springtime. Changing your furnace in the spring or fall also allows you to avoid uncomfortable temperatures while you are between heating systems. 

In addition, a purchase in the spring or fall gives you more scheduling options from an HVAC company. HVAC technicians often have a lot of calls for repairs during the summer and winter, which makes it harder for them to set aside time for installations. 

Finally, you get better weather for an installation day in the spring and fall. You may face thunderstorms and heavy rain in the summer, while winter often brings snow and ice storms. You can find out more about the best time to buy a new furnace by reaching out to us.

Speak to Us About Buying a New Furnace

Curious about when to buy a new furnace? Go over all the factors that go into this decision with our team at Davis Home services. We offer furnace installation and furnace repair in Burlington, NJ. We focus on your specific situation and offer you advice about your options. Call 844-226-9872 to set up an appointment today.

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