Here’s How To Keep Your Home Comfortable This Holiday Season

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Oh the weather outside is frightful…
… but inside, your HVAC system keeps things warm and comfortable!

At this time of year, your HVAC system works double-time to make sure you and your family
(and all your festive visitors) are warm and comfortable. To keep your HVAC system functioning
in peak condition, make sure you read these tips…

Tip #1. Always make sure your HVAC unit is well maintained. Instead of waiting for something
to break and then dealing with the repairs (and how cold it can get in the meantime), invest in
regular seasonal maintenance check-ups. This will alert you to any potential problems before
they happen.

Tip #2. Clean your HVAC filter. Your HVAC filter traps dirt and debris to keep it from blowing
into your home. But, the more that builds up in the filter, the harder your HVAC system has to
work! Keep your furnace running efficiently by cleaning and replacing your filter regularly.

Tip #3. Have your fan and coils cleaned regularly, ideally before it gets too cold outside. When
the furnace turns on, the dust on these components could burn off and you may smell a bit of
smoke. If it happens briefly, it’s usually fine; however, if the smell persists, contact a licensed
HVAC professional.

Tip #4. If your HVAC fresh air and exhaust pipes are near ground level, make sure they are clear
and not blocked by snow or leaves.

Tip #5. Regularly check all your vents to make sure they aren’t blocked. Vents that are blocked
could make your furnace work even harder to heat your home, they could leave cold spots in
your home, or they could cause damage to whatever is blocking the vent.

Tip #6. At this time of year, when windows are closed and furnaces start to run, you may notice
an increase in allergies as the warm air in the ducts starts to move dust that has been settled for a
while. Consider having your ducts cleaned to keep allergies to a minimum.

Tip #7. Running your HVAC system can be costly! Installing a thermostat that automatically
adjusts the temperature based on a pre-determined schedule will allow you to lower the
temperature slightly when everyone is asleep or nobody is home, and raise the temperature when
everyone is at home. (Note: avoid shutting off your HVAC system for very long during the
winter, especially if your temperatures drop below freezing—this could lead to frozen pipes that
burst and cause a mess!)


This holiday season, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether you are warm and
comfortable. Wouldn’t you rather sip hot chocolate in the comfort of a warm home? Of course
you would! These 7 tips will help ensure that this festive season remains a comfortable one for
you and your family.

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