HVAC Maintenance Plan: Should You Get One?

Companies often offer you an HVAC maintenance plan after installing a new heating and cooling system at yohvac maintenance planur property. However, many homeowners wonder if they should get this kind of plan. They may wonder if it’s more financially sensible to decline.

Yet, HVAC maintenance plans come with numerous advantages. They can give you peace of mind regarding the operation of your new system. You can go over additional benefits with Cherry Hill’s reliable HVAC contractors at Davis Home Services.

What You Can Expect from an HVAC Maintenance Plan 

Each property owner in Cherry Hill has to make a personal decision about getting an HVAC maintenance plan. To help with your decision, we’ll go over what these plans cover. We’ll also review their benefits for your home and the general cost of maintenance service compared to repairs.

HVAC maintenance plans do not all offer the same services. However, most HVAC companies will deliver:

Check-ups and Tune-ups

During a maintenance visit in Cherry Hill, technicians look over your HVAC unit and perform any necessary adjustments to keep the system functioning at peak efficiency. During the check-up, crews may:

  • Replace your air filter
  • Lubricate any moving parts
  • Check the electrical connections
  • Remove debris from around the unit

These check-ups often include seasonal maintenance. For example, most companies recommend an HVAC check-up in the spring and fall because the HVAC unit both heats and cools your home. As a result, the system operates year-round and faces consistent wear and tear.

Parts and Services

Some HVAC maintenance plans provide you with coverage for the cost of service appointments and replacement parts. These plans help you save money if something goes wrong with your HVAC unit in Cherry Hill.

Some HVAC plans may also give you priority service with the company. These plans mean that the company addresses your needs first if they are dealing with multiple customers simultaneously.

Emergency Services

Finally, some HVAC maintenance plans come with emergency service offers. These plans may cover you during emergencies, like a breakdown in the middle of summer when the temperatures reach their highest levels.

Speak with your HVAC company to discuss the features of their maintenance plans. Not all companies offer the same services.

Benefits of Signing Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance for your HVAC system comes with several significant benefits. Experienced technicians monitor the state of your HVAC unit and conduct any adjustments to keep your system in good shape. Their maintenance allows them to:

Notice Issues Before They Cause a Breakdown

Maintenance appointments often help you avoid costly repairs to your HVAC system. Crews look for minor issues at each appointment and give you information about these potential problems. In some cases, they may replace parts before they completely wear out, helping you avoid a breakdown.

Improve Your System’s Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling systems use a considerable amount of energy every month. You can lower the energy draw on your system with regular maintenance. As a result, you should see a reduction in the costs of operating your system.

Boost Your Peace of Mind

We believe you should feel comfortable and confident in your own home. In addition, regular maintenance helps you monitor the condition of your HVAC unit. So, you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems or significant issues with the system.

Assessing the Costs of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

We’ve discussed the benefits associated with an HVAC maintenance plan. However, we also understand the importance of factoring your budget into your decision. Maintenance plans vary in cost depending on the company and sometimes the model of your HVAC system.

Contracts for HVAC maintenance may cost up to $500 a year, though many plans cost less than this amount. For context, the average cost for an HVAC repair may reach $533, putting these two costs close.

However, repairs may end up costing far more in some situations. We recommend discussing the cost of your maintenance plan with technicians and reviewing common issues with your HVAC system. If you feel comfortable setting aside money for repairs, you may wish to do so instead of setting up a maintenance plan.

Other Factors to Consider for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Before signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan in Cherry Hill, you may want to consider several other factors including:

Your Warranty Status

Many HVAC units come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties often last for several years and cover repairs or breakdowns. Depending on the nature of the warranty, you may not want to sign up for a maintenance plan.

How You Use Your HVAC Unit

The way you treat your HVAC unit can impact how well it functions. For example, changing your air filter regularly and keeping debris away from your outdoor unit can preserve the system’s life. Frequently changing the temperature settings or using an improperly sized system, on the other hand, may make it wear out more quickly.

Possible Issues with Your HVAC Model

Not all HVAC models function to the same standard. Therefore, we recommend that you look at reviews regarding the model you purchased. These reviews will help you learn more about common problems with the system.

Understanding the issues you may face can help you decide whether or not you want a maintenance plan.

The HVAC Company’s Reputation

Some HVAC companies have an excellent reputation for installation but less-than-sterling reviews for their maintenance services. Check online reviews or speak with other people who used the HVAC company before pursuing a maintenance plan.

Speak to Us About HVAC Maintenance Plans in Cherry Hill

You can get HVAC maintenance services from Davis Home Services in Cherry Hill, NJ, and surrounding areas. Our technicians have the training and experience to handle your needs. We keep your heating and cooling system in prime condition year-round.

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