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Many homeowners don’t even know what a slab leak is before they have to deal with one in their homes. Slab leaks in Cherry Hill can cause you a lot of problems in your house. They can make your water bill will go up, sometimes drastically. The water can damage your hardwood floors, furniture, carpets, trim, drywall and more, and the excess moisture can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, both of which can cause health problems.

The best case scenario for a slab leak in Cherry Hill involves finding the leak and getting it repaired as early as possible. At Davis Home Services, our expert plumbers are ready to take your call and get your slab leak repaired as soon as possible!

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What is a Slab Leak?

Most of the pipes that bring water to your home are actually embedded in your foundation. If one of these pipes breaks, bursts, or gets corroded, it means a massive leak under your home. The vast majority of slab leaks occur in older homes with pipes that are made out of older materials or that haven’t been kept up well. These pipes corrode and, eventually, have leaks like tiny pinholes poked in their sides. A lot of these leaks add up and create a big problem! Older homes can also have foundations that settle. If these move too much or if one part moves without the rest, it can put too much stress on your pipes and cause them to burst. This usually creates a situation where you have a lot of water coming into your house very fast.

Signs You May Need Slab Leak Repair

There are several things to watch out for if you think your home may be in danger of a slab leak. Call us as soon as you notice these and we’ll help you with slab leak repair in Cherry Hill before it becomes a bigger issue.

  • Puddles on the floor. Do you have puddles that appear on your floor suddenly? They’ll usually be located close to your plumbing, like in kitchens or bathrooms. You may also have puddles that appear outside and never go away.
  • Warm floors. Water heats up concrete, so if you notice that your floors are consistently warmer than normal, you may have a slab leak.
  • Low water pressure. The lines in your slab bring water to your house from the street. If they aren’t doing that, you’ll have lower water pressure inside.
  • High water bills. If your water bill is going up and there’s no other explanation, consider looking into whether or not you have a slab leak.
  • Odd sounds. If you can hear water running when there shouldn’t be water running, it very well may be water flowing in your foundation.
  • Cracking floors. If your floors are cracking, it’s time to call in a pro. This can be a sign of a significant slab leak that has already done a good bit of damage.

Slab Leak Pros in Cherry Hill

Call us at Davis Home Services if you notice any of the signs above. We’ll test for a slab leak and help you get things under control with your plumbing. Contact us now for slab leak repair in Cherry Hill!

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