Radiant Heating Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ

radiant heating system in cherry hill nj

Have you always dreamed of remodeling your master bathroom? Maybe you are building the house of your dreams and just want all of the “bells and whistles”.

Either way, a heated bathroom floor sounds like a gift you deserve. The heating service experts at Davis Home Services now offer radiant heating installation Cherry Hill residents can enjoy.

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What is a Radiant Heat System?

Radiant heating is a system that provides direct heat to panels in the ceiling, walls, or floors of a house or room. Radiant heat transfer promotes heat delivery using infrared radiation.

Is Radiant Heating Safe?

Radiant heating options are as safe as a normal radiator and they can last for more than 35 years with proper care and maintenance.

Which is Better Forced Air or Radiant Heat?

Forced air systems can sometimes aggravate allergy-sufferers due to heating ducts. Radiant floor heating gets rid of this problem since it doesn’t need ducts. It is also 30% more efficient than forced air systems, providing more continuous and even warmth.

Can You Do Radiant Heat Under Wood Floors?

You can use radiant heat under wood floors. In fact, there are a few ways radiant heating installation can occur for wood floors:

  • Installing radiant heat tubing using a plywood underlayment system on top of existing concrete or wood subfloor
  • Installing radiant heat tubing into the wood subfloor (most common)
  • Installing the radiant heat tubing during concrete pouring

Electric radiant heat pads are not recommended for wood floors. They do work for porcelain and ceramic tile.

Is Radiant Floor Heating Cost Effective?

Radiant heating systems are 15% more efficient than traditional radiators. It costs around $6 to $15 per sq. ft. for materials, but radiant heating installation tends to cost less with labor costs. You can choose between electric or hydronic systems. The hydronic uses hot water to power the heating and costs less to operate, but more to install.

Davis Home Services Radiant Heating Installation

If you are ready to being your bathroom remodeling journey, call us to get a free estimate on your project. We can also answer any other questions you might have about radiant heating installation Cherry Hill.

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