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burlington water heater replacement

Has your hot water disappeared but you don’t know how to replace a water heater? Are you sick of dealing with your old water heater’s issues and it’s time for water heater replacement in Burlington, NJ?

If these describe you, then you’ve come to the right place!

At Davis Home Services, we can do the “water heater replacement near me” that you’ve been searching for. We’ll answer all of your questions, like, “Do I need to replace my water heater?” and “What kind of water heater should I install?” Then we’ll help you choose your new water heater and put it in quickly!

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When is it Time to Replace My Water Heater?

If you’re struggling to get the hot water you need and you’ve been asking yourself, “Do I need to replace my water heater?” we can help you find the answers that are best for you. Here’s what you should consider when making this important decision.

  • Does your current water heater require repairs? Have you had to repair it frequently over the last months or does this repair cost more than half of what it would cost to replace the water heater?
  • Is your water heater old and likely to require more repair work in the near future?
  • When your hot water heater is working well, do you have enough hot water for everyone to be happy and your home to run well?
  • Would you be happier with a different kind of water heater? Consider tank vs. tankless water heaters and electric water heaters vs. gas water heaters.
  • Has your water heater been well-maintained?
  • Does your water heater show signs of wear and tear?

How Do I Choose a New Water Heater?

There are many factors that go into choosing a new water heater in Burlington. These include:

  • How big your house is
  • How many people live in your house
  • How satisfied you’ve been with your current water heater

You’ll want to consider a tank vs. a tankless water heater, too. The new tankless versions cost more upfront, but they can save you a lot of money over the course of the heater’s lifetime.

You may also want to consider an electric water heater vs a gas water heater. You can always go with the same type of system you already have, but we can talk you through the pros and cons of converting, too. In the end, we’ll help you get the best water heater replacement in Burlington, NJ!

Burlington Water Heater Replacement Specialists

Once you choose your new water heater, we’ll get it replaced fast! All of our plumbers know how to replace a water heater in Burlington, so you shouldn’t have to wait very long. In addition, we have 40, 50, and 75-gallon gas and electric water heaters in stock and ready for immediate install, so we can get your hot water back on fast. Stop looking up “water heater replacement near me” and give us a call now. Get your hot water back on today!

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