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Installing a water filtration system in your Burlington home can improve the quality and overall taste of your water. It can also help with water hardness or calcification in your appliances like your dishwasher and laundry machine. As such, as part of our plumbing services, Davis Home Services offers water filtration system installation Burlington residents can depend on regardless of their needs.


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What Water Filtration Systems Are There?

There are actually quite a few options when it comes to water filtration systems. They all vary in what they filter and how much they cost:

  • Water softener – helps with hard water, but are not the same as other water filters. Can cost between $1,800 to $3,200
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems (R.O.) – best for locations and wells with high levels of nitrate, arsenic, and/or iron. Usually costs $1,500 or more
  • Flow-Tech Systems – helps to reduce hard water using low-frequency electromagnetic signals. Can cost between $1,000 to $2,000
  • Carbon filter – these reduce chlorine levels in your water and cost between $500 to $2,800

If you only need to help with the overall taste of softness of the water, you might consider a more affordable carbon filter or Flow-Tech system. But if you need to treat the water more comprehensively, an R.O. system might be your best option.

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Filtration System?

Though it depends on local pricing, many whole house water filtration system installations cost between $750 to $3,000+. But several factors affect the overall price of the project including:

  • Whether or not the home is equipped already
  • The type of water filter needed
  • How often you may need to replace the filter

If you live in a location with harder or more mineral-filled water, for instance, you may need to replace your filters more often. But our experts can help you determine the best water filtration system options for your needs and budget.

The Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filter System

Davis Home Services recommends whole-house water filtration systems in order to ensure clean water throughout the whole house including kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as showers and appliances.




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Are you interested in water filtration system installation in Burlington, NJ? Local property owners can now call on Davis Home Services for expert and efficient service!

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