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Maintaining your sewer line health is a very important aspect in avoiding costly plumbing repairs. While you can do your best not to clog your in-home drains, sometimes you need a closer look at things.

Davis Home Services can help! We offer video pipe inspection Burlington residents can depend on. If you’re unfamiliar with video pipe inspection, we have answered some common questions surrounding the service including cost, what tools are involved, and more.

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How Do You Inspect a Sewer LIne?

If you want to do a quick at-home plumbing inspection before acquiring professional plumbing services, you can do that easily. You may need a flashlight, but start by looking at the following:

  • Inspect the water meter and water shut-off valve
  • Check out your hot water heater for mineral buildup or corrosion
  • Monitor any unexpected standing water or odd smells around the house
  • Determine if there are any lead pipes in your home as lead is an environmental toxin
  • Flush each bathroom toilet to see if it empties and refills correctly
  • Inspect kitchen and bathroom sinks for leaks or drips

If you notice any issues with the following areas, give Davis Home Services a call at (844) 226-9872 and we can help you address any concerns you may have.

Do Plumbers Use Cameras?

We do! In fact, cameras make for very handy tools in our plumbing arsenal when we need to get a closer look at the insides of pipes and diagnose any clogs or other issues that may be causing plumbing problems.

How Much Does it Cost to Video a Sewer Line?

As with all plumbing projects, this one depends on local rates, the length of pipes, and if the job is done alone or as part of other jobs. But generally, a residential video pipe inspection costs between $100 – $800. The images can be recorded and shown later or sent to a monitor for viewing.

Sewer Inspection Cameras

Though homeowners used to be responsible for the main sewer line, local water companies now maintain most of them. Though you can contact them if your lateral drain or sewer is blocked, Davis Home Services can help by diagnosing if the blockage is in the main line or only affects your home. We provide efficient and quality video pipe inspection Burlington residents can rely on!

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