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Indoor air quality testing Burlington, NJ

Does someone in your home struggle with breathing or lung issues? Do you or your family feel like you spend too much time being sick, fighting allergies, or wrestling with asthma? The indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home may be at fault. Mold and mildew can grow when there’s too much moisture in your home. You may not be able to see it, but it can be in the walls, tucked away but still affecting how well you breathe at home.

At Davis Home Services, we don’t want you to struggle anymore. We’ll send out an indoor air quality expert to perform a home air quality check. Your Burlington indoor air quality consultant can come up with a plan to address whatever they find. Call us now!

Visit our Cherry Hill indoor air quality page if you’re looking for service in or around that area!

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When To Think About Air Quality Services

We hear this question a lot! After all, most homeowners don’t think about indoor air quality testing in Burlington unless they’ve noticed problems. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Inexplicable illness? If you and your family feel like you are always sick or like you struggle with allergies year-round, it’s time to do a home air quality check. Some air quality problems can cause illness or symptoms that seem like illness. We may be able to find out why you don’t feel well.
  • Water spots (wet or dry) on your ceiling or walls. These often indicate a leaky pipe, even if they have dried up. Since mold and mildew love to grow wherever there is water, this may be the source of your problem.
  • A musty or unusually persistent smell in your home. If the air smells like mildew or you have an odor you can’t get rid of, it’s time for indoor air quality testing. You may have a hidden mold or mildew problem that is causing that smell that won’t go away.

If you notice any of these things, it’s time to contact our Burlington home air quality professionals to test your home air quality.

Benefits of Air Quality Testing

When our Burlington indoor air quality expert comes out, they come fully equipped to test your air quality for several problems. This includes tests for:

  • CO and CO2 levels
  • The concentration of various particles in the air
  • Moisture levels
  • And more!

These tests allow our experts to come up with an air purification or air filtration solution that will work for you. It can offer you peace of mind because you’ll know that the air you, your family, and your guests are breathing is top quality. When you struggle with illness, you’ll know for sure that your home isn’t contributing to the problem.

Air Purification & Air Filtration

We can use everything from advanced filters for your furnace and air conditioner to room air purifiers to entire air purification systems in Burlington. The one that is best for you will properly address your air quality needs, suit your current HVAC system’s infrastructure, and fit your budget. We offer a variety of Burlington air purification and filtration solutions, including:

  • Electronic air filters. These use electromagnetic energy to trap all sorts of particles, from dust to bacteria and more, catching them in a special filter. You can clean or change this filter to remove these entirely.
  • UV light filters. We can install one of these along the main intake of your HVAC system. When we do this, all of the air in the system must pass under the light. Since UV light kills dangerous things like viruses and mold spores, these won’t get spread throughout your system. 
  • HEPA and MERV filters. These are filters that you can install just like regular air filters in your furnace. They remove allergens and all particles up to a certain size. As long as the filter doesn’t make your HVAC work too hard, it can be a cheap but effective way to improve your home’s indoor air quality. 

No matter what it takes, we’ll get your Burlington indoor air quality solution installed as soon as we can. We’ll make sure that your solution is working, too, so you can be absolutely sure that you’re breathing the very best quality air in Burlington.

Burlington IAQ Professionals

Call Davis Home Services if you are concerned about the quality of air in your home. Make your appointment for home air quality testing in Burlington today so we can get to you quickly and design a solution specific to your needs. Reach out to our IAQ pros now!

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