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Burst Pipe Repair Cherry Hill

Though burst pipes can happen any time, they often happen thanks to a frozen pipe that thawed too quickly. Regardless of the cause, burst pipe repair can be a time-sensitive matter to avoid excess water damage.

That’s why Davis Home Services now offers burst pipe repair Cherry Hill offerings to expand our availability and address your burst pipe repair needs

What Happens When Pipes Burst?

burst pipe leaks on drywall in cherry hill nj

Burst pipes (regardless of the size of the leak) first damage the interior and exterior of the walls. Water will saturate the insulation and electrical wiring may short, increasing fire risk.

How do I Know if a Pipe Has Burst?

There may not always be an obvious sign that you need burst pipe repair. Some things to watch for include a change in water pressure, standing water, or water use accompanied by strange sounds. A higher-than-normal water bill can also signal a burst pipe.

How do you Temporarily Fix a Burst Pipe?

If you cannot get professional plumbing services for your burst pipe repair right away, don’t worry just yet. You can mitigate damage by shutting off water with the main shut-off valve. There are other temporary fixes, but burst pipe repair often requires an expert to resolve.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Burst Water Pipe?

If a pipe is more accessible, the cost for burst pipe repair is generally cheaper. Depending on accessibility, burst pipe repair can cost between $400 and $1,500. For a more precise estimate, feel free to reach out to one of our expert team members at Davis Home Services.

Professional Plumber Tips to Avoid Burst Pipe Repair

Though we now offer burst pipe repair Cherry Hill residents can rely on, you might agree that it’s best when you don’t have a burst pipe to repair at all, right? Here are some quick tips on how to avoid burst pipe repair:

  • Wrap your pipes during cold weather
  • Leave the cold water dripping from faucets using exposed pipes
  • Don’t thaw a frozen pipe too quickly or it could burst
  • Turning off your water may to avoid frozen pipes may increase water pressure, posing a different risk regarding burst pipe repair

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