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Boiler Repair

You might not know it, but your boiler just might be the most important appliance you have in your home. Though an A/C unit keeps you cool and a furnace might provide heat, a boiler provides hot water or even heat to your house.

What Does a Boiler Do?

a plumber performs a boiler repair in cherry hill

A boiler functions as the singular most important parts of your house’s central heating system. It can heat your home using natural gas, water, and an electric ignition system. A heat exchanger helps to heat water in the house, as well.

How Do You Fix a Broken Boiler?

There are a few steps you can take at home to try and fix your boiler such as changing the thermostat batteries or resetting your boiler. Just consult your manual, find the reset button, and hold it for ten seconds. However, we recommend consulting professional plumbing services for boiler repair.

Is a Broken Boiler Dangerous?

Though a broken boiler might seem like a real hazard, sometimes a boiler just needs to be reset. Room-sealed boilers usually have safety precautions like overheat stats, thermostats, oxygen depletion sensors, and pressure relief valves. If something is wrong with your boiler, it will likely just not work. That’s when you should think about boiler repair.

Why is My Boiler Broken?

Common boiler related problems include leaking or dripping, no hot water or heat, or strange noises. There are many internal components with boilers, so each problem could require a different kind of boiler repair. Your best bet is to note what’s wrong with your boiler and consult professional plumbers on how to approach boiler repair.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Boiler?

A boiler is one home appliance that you might consider repairing before outright replacing. While a boiler repair costs between $300 and $500, a boiler replacement costs between $3,000 and $5,000.

Davis Home Services Delivers Great Results

Making sure your house has all the creature comforts it needs matters to us. At Davis Home Services, we offer boiler repair Cherry Hill residents can count on to be consistent and quality every time. Give our team a call today!

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