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Boiler Replacement in Cherry Hill

Your boiler might just be the single most important appliance you have in your house, believe it or not. Though a furnace gives you warmth and an air conditioning unit keeps you cool, a boiler gives you hot water and can heat your house.

What Does a Boiler Do?

a plumber works on a boiler installation in cherry hill

A boiler functions as the singular most important parts of your house’s central heating system. It can heat your home using natural gas, water, and an electric ignition system. A heat exchanger helps to heat water in the house, as well.

Can a Plumber Install a Boiler?

All work and connections to water pipework for gas boilers need to be completed by as Gas Safe registered engineer. It is best to have professional plumbing companies complete boiler installation.

How Often Should a Boiler Be Replaced?

Boilers generally last up to 15 years with regular upkeep. By using annual services, you can better maintain your boiler for longer.

How Long Does Boiler Installation Take?

A typical boiler installation by professional plumbing companies usually takes between 2 and 3 days. Though it can be done in as little as 8 hours, the scale of the project dictates the length of installation time.

How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Install a Boiler?

Oil boilers often have a removal cost, as well as an installation cost. While most homeowners spend an average of $5,000 on boiler installation, the prices varies between $3,300 and $7,350 due to a variety of factors such as boiler type and model, if you are switching from an oil boiler to a gas boiler, etc.

Davis Home Services Delivers on Boiler Installation

Are you in need of a boiler upgrade this year? Call us at (800) 913-8272 to see what Davis Home Services can do for you. We provide boiler installation Cherry Hill residents can rely on no matter the time of year.

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