Heating Repair in Cherry Hill

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Has your heater gone out and left you in the cold? Davis Home Services can come to the rescue when you have an emergency and need furnace repair, boiler repair, or heat pump repair service. We are dedicated to responding fast, diagnosing the problem, and getting to work to get it operating again. Call us when your heater malfunctions, and we be at your property in Cherry Hill in no time to save the day.

Furnace Repair Service

If the heat source at your place in Cherry Hill is a furnace, we are the ones to call when it goes out. There are several things that can indicate that your heater need repairs, such as making unusual noises, not blowing warm enough air, turning on and off on its own, or not turning on at all. No matter what the issue is at your property, our furnace repair team is sure to get it fixed.

We also offer maintenance services where we come to test each component of the furnace, changing the filters, and cleaning it out. If during our inspection we find that your unit needs servicing, we can repair it quickly so you can stay warm.

Boiler Repair in Cherry Hill

There are boiler repair specialists on our staff that will come out to your Cherry Hills property and take a look at your broken heater to see what they can do. Once we know what the problem is, we can either fix it or replace your unit. Sometimes this is a better option than boiler repairs, as a new one will work much more efficiently than an old or worn one, saving you money on energy bills.

If you have these issues with your boiler, call Davis Home Services today….

  • It will not turn on.
  • It won’t turn off.
  • The boiler is operating but not effectively heating your home.
  • The unit is making weird sounds.
  • You notice a significant drop in efficiency or notice it is working harder to heat your place.

Cherry Hill’s Heat Pump Repair Experts

Those who have heat pumps at their HVAC system can rely on our team in Cherry Hill for anything they need regarding the appliance. If it is malfunctioning, we will test all the parts and components to see where the issue is and then come up with a plan for heat pump repairs. If you need it tuned up, we can gladly get that done for you.

The state offers some great rebate options to property owners who have an efficient HVAC system like heat pumps. The NJ Clean Energy COOLAdvantage & WARMAdvantage program offers up to a $500 rebate for installing a heat pump, so if you want to switch to one or get a replacement, you can take advantage of this.

Trusted HVAC Company in Cherry Hill

When you are in need of heating repairs for ant kind of unit, call Davis Home Services. You can reach us at 844-226-9872 to schedule a time for us to come to your Cherry Hill property and get things fixed.

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