Should You Install Your Own Dishwasher? Read This First…

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If you’ve never installed a dishwasher before it might seem like a pretty simple task… Attach a couple hoses and slide it into place. It’s never that simple. Never.

Replacing a dishwasher is easier than a new installation, but, unless the new dishwasher is exactly the same size as the old one, adjustments are going to have to be made. It’s great when the drain hose and water supply hose match the threading and size of the new dishwasher, but that doesn’t always happen. Will you know what to do? The electrical wires can generally be moved over—electrical? Yes, installing a dishwasher requires you to hook up water and electricity—you better have a voltmeter handy.

If you’re doing a new installation of a dishwasher, you’ll need some serious handyman skills because the area under your counter will have to be properly roughed out and prepped to house the new dishwasher. Plumbing and wiring will have to be run to this area.

Instead of telling you how to do it, we want to give you three reasons why you should contact your home services company to install your new dishwasher.

1. To be sure your dishwasher is working properly

Many homeowners, even DIYers, do not have the experience or know-how to perform a leak-free installation of a dishwasher. If the water supply or drain connections are not properly threaded and sealed, your dishwasher might still seem to be working fine. It might just cause a slow, hidden leak for some time before turning into a much bigger problem. In other cases your dishwasher may be under-performing because the unit detects a problem with the water pressure. The best way to be sure your dishwasher is working the way it was designed to work is to have it installed by your home services company.

2. You want your dishwasher to look great in your kitchen

Installing a dishwasher requires a lot of maneuvering and sometimes cabinet adjustments if you want a perfect fit. You’re spending a lot of money on this new appliance and we’re sure you want it to look great in your kitchen. Experienced installers from your home services company will know what needs to be done to install it quickly and efficiently, and they’ll clean up any mess after they’re finished, leaving your kitchen looking its best.

3. Avoid insurance problems

Any water damage or electrical problems that result from an improper installation of a dishwasher are likely to cost you big time. And it’s unlikely that your house insurance will cover the cost of the damage or replace the dishwasher. Your insurance provider will argue negligence on your part for failing to properly install the dishwasher or hire a professional to do so.


You can find articles on the Internet like “How to Replace a Dishwasher in 4 Easy Steps,” but most installations are not that simple. We recommend getting it done right by having experienced professionals at your home services company install your new dishwasher.

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